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Create stunning product pages with simply beautiful images

We provide highly professional and fully optimized image editing to meet the specific requirements of any online marketplace

Without doubt the fundamental factor for success in the eCommerce world has to be product images. Everyday billions of customers are looking at similar products with little to differentiate between them. It is imperative that online sellers maximize their chances by listing products with higher quality product images.



We are here to help you make that transition from standard run of the mill images to professional stand out images. We provide a professional clipping path service with trained photoshop editors who will expertly remove the background from images, optimize them, add on any required effects and deliver simple, beautiful images.

The Smart choice for all your Image Editing Requirements

The easy one stop solution. We'll edit, retouch and remove the background from your product images. Outsourcing has never been so simple!

Get professionally edited images that will help increase your online sales

Your competitors are already doing it!

In this ultra competitive industry you only have seconds to grab your potential customers attention. Your images must be clean, crisp, simple and professional.

Take a look at the 'Before' and 'After' images

Simply by using professionally edited images you are showcasing your product at its very best whilst instilling confidence within the buyer that they are making the right purchase with the right seller!

How it Works

How it works in three easy steps. We edit, you save time, you sell more!

Upload Images

Shoot your photos and then upload them to our site with your Image Specifications.

We Edit

We edit your Images quickly and Professionally.

Download Images

Download your fully edited ready-to-use Images.


Why choose us?

Here are a few reasons that puts us ahead of the competion.

Note: When we remove background from photos and images - all our work is expertly hand drawn using clipping path tools within photoshop. We do not use automatic tools as they present inferior results.

only $1.20 USD per image.

Background Removal Specialist

We are one of the industries leading companies for providing clipping path service and image background removal. We edit 1000's of images every week.

eBay and Amazon compliant

Ebay & Amazon have imposed strict Image Requirements for Seller's. We know exactly what they are and how to edit your images to meet their requirments.

No Price Complexity Scale

That's right! Unlike most of our competitors whose Pricing is determined by your Image Complexity, we simply charge ONE PRICE for single product photos.

Professional Editing giving value for money

Not only have we done away with conventional Complexity Pricing. We charge just $1.20 per Image, which helps your bottom line.

Free Trial so you can try us out

No Strings attached. Simply register in seconds, submit one Image and then sit back and relax whilst we edit for you.


What People are Saying about Remove my Background

Here's what some of our clients think!

"I've used many different companies providing this service. Value for money this is one of the better one's"

"Superior quality images and excellent customer service! Thank you!"

I am very happy to have discovered them. Very simple setup, saves me bags of time and I get great pics for my eBay store.

Bruce Jones

Kate Ensign

Aneil Singh

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Email: support@removemybackground.com | Fax: +66 (0) 087 993 5715

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