Smartphone Product Photography

Want to know how to take Amazing Product Photos using only a smartphone?

Shooting perfect product photos is much simpler than you think. All you need is a little knowhow and you can get great shots right from your phone. Look, here comes some knowhow now!

It's all about the Lighting! Forget for a minute about the fact that you’re shooting with a smartphone, any decent photographer will tell you that the key to good photographs has a ton to do with lighting. Use natural light as much possible. We recommend these three things to illuminate your product from every angle: 1) A window 2) An external source of light, like a flash or lamp 3) A bounce card or reflector.

Avoid Zooming Zooming on your phone is the same as cropping your photo to get a closer view. It actually decreases the quality of your photo because it enlarges your photo without changing the resolution.

Use a Tripod As skilled as you may think you are at grabbing fast shots on the go with your smartphone, this is one time to temporarily cease that habit. A tripod will hold your smartphone absolutely steady, reducing shakes that can blur and ‘noise-ify’ your images. A decent tripod isn’t the cheapest piece of equipment (but it’s not overly expensive either), but it definitely is something you should invest in.

Make use of different Angles Take plenty of shots from different angles, and absorb how each one looks on a screen. Some of the main angles you’ll want to stick to are: head on, profile (both left and right if there’s something different going on - on each side), from behind, front-from-an-angle and almost-profile-but-tilted. Play around with them to see what works.

...and of course let's not forget the Editing! Shoot your product from every possible angle. Then look at all the photos you’ve taken and choose the very best ones to edit. You'll need your images to be on a pure white background. That's where we come in! We'll provide a professional clipping path service in super quick time.

So what are you waiting for....GET SNAPPING!!!!!