Our Clipping Path & Background Remove Services

What can we do for you? We are the perfect one stop solution for all your photo editing requirements. Whether you are a small online retailer with 1 image or a large high street brand with 1000’s of images we can deliver your projects successfully.

As well as working with retailers we are the perfect partner for any company wishing to outsource their editing. Like to find out more about what we can do for you? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.




Clipping Path & Background Removal

Whether you are using your finished images for ebay, Amazon or your own website you will most probably require them to be on a white background. This ensures your images and site will have a professional and consistent look but most importantly it will ensure all focus remains on your product. We use trained professionals to carry out this process who will also crop, resize and convert file types, at no extra cost, should you require it. All work is carried out to extremely high standards and then checked before being made available to the client for download.

Shadow effects

Many photoshop editors can provide a good background removal service but very often their skills let them down when adding shadow and/or reflections. To create a natural/realistic shadow you cannot simply add a drop shadow, which is what a huge amount of editors are doing. The result makes it look like the product is floating in mid air rather than the desired effect of the product looking like it is resting on a hard surface. To get this desired effect of a natural shadow we must build the shadow up using at least 2 layers.

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